Our School:

The church is running a primary and secondary school. It is called the MTSS Apostolic Pentecostal Mission School (APMS). The current structure of the  school was built in 2002.

(Note: The picture to the left is the principal of our












Some graduates of our school:
The purpose of the school is to provide a God-centered education to the children of Liberia and to help them
lay a foundation for effective service to the church, community and society in general. Courses offered include:
*Christian Education
*Language Arts
*Physical Education
*Social Studies
*Physics etc.
As a church run school, each student is encouraged to attend chapel services daily and take instructions in
Bible to include Bible History and Bible Doctrine.
The school holds an assembly weekly to encourage students to develop their talents and expose their potentials.



View of the front of the school

The building has 18 (eighteen) rooms to include 13
(thirteen) classrooms, 3 (three) offices, 1 (one)
reading room and one, (1) teachers lounge.
Funds for the project were provided by local church
members and other friends in Liberia and elsewhere.

The school has an enrollment of over 500 pupils. We
are running two sessions both morning and afternoon.
We have 41 teachers for both morning and afternoon
There are plans on the way to upgrade the secondary
 institution to a junior college level. We are soliciting
support from church members and other friends in
and out of Liberia
The school is headed by a Principal/Director, three
vice Principals for administration, instructions and
student's affairs and a business manager and





Activities include:
Singing, play-lets, speaking, quizzing, etc and they form a
part of the schools extra-curricula activities.
Special spiritual emphasis week is conducted once a year in order to provide an excellent opportunity to students and teachers to make decision to serve Jesus Christ and to grow
in a deeper knowledge and experience of Him as each individual grows academically. This session is opened to visiting speakers who are called upon to challenge faculty
and students to enable them perform their roles well.
The education department is also working towards establishing schools including adult literacy programs in
other parts of the country.




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